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About Dr. Yosh Jefferson

Dr. Jefferson has made it his life's work to seek answers to the cause and treatment of facial and dental abnormalities. Today, he treats his patients based on the divine proportion.

Dr. Jefferson has been in practice since 1982. He is a General Dentist who has limited his practice to orthodontics, TMD therapy, and major oral rehabilitation cases.

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Dr. Jefferson has lectured nationally and internationally.
Puerto Rico

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Dr. Jefferson has lectured and has been published in professional journal nationally and internationally.

Journals and magazines that has published Dr. Jefferson's articles or featured findings.

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Dr. Jefferson has been active in organized dentistry. He has been:

  • Past president of NJ Academy of General Dentistry
  • Past member of AGD’s Council on Long Range Planning
  • Past member of AGD’s Strategic Advancement Committee
  • Current member of AGD’s Council on Governmental Affairs
  • Current member of NJ DA’s Council on Governmental Affairs
  • Past editor of the Journal of General Orthodontics
  • Current member of AGD’s Publication Advisory Board
  • AGD’s Spokesperson
  • President of International Association for Orthodontics (IAO)
    (IAO is a non-specialist orthodontic organization)
  • Chair of the International Ortho/TMD Consortium
  • Alternate Delegate to UMDNJ Dental Alumni Association
  • Consultant to NJ State Board of Dentistry

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Dr Jefferson has been awarded some of the most prestigious honors in dentistry
          • Master Academy of General Dentistry
          • Fellow American College of Dentists
          • Fellow International College of Dentists
          • Fellow Academy Dentistry International

Dr. Yosh Jefferson
737 Holly Lane, Suite 1
Westampton Township, NJ 08060 USA
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