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The website Facialbeauty.org is the domain of Dr. Yosh Jefferson. Dr. Jefferson is a general dentist, and is not an orthodontist.

Information contained in this website is copyrighted. No individual, organizations, or businesses are permitted to use images or copyrighted materials without written permission. Dr. Y. Jefferson may be reached at: 737 Holly Lane, Suite 2, Westampton Twp, NJ 08060 USA Email: facialbalance@aol.com

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Although there are many thoughts as to the cause of facial and dental abnormalities, Dr. Jefferson will discuss his thoughts and his findings.

There are many techniques in treating various types of facial and dental abnormalities, Dr. Jefferson will discuss his diagnosis and treatment philosophy.

No one individual has all the answers. Concepts and treatment philosophies continually evolve and change as researches discover new findings. It is strictly understood that Dr. Jefferson, and any entities, designates, and associates, will not be held liable for any personal or financial loss or damages incurred from the use of any information taken from this website.

In seeking out answers and/or treatment, it is your full responsibility to look into all sources of information other than those found here in this website. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to seek out the best treatment based on your informed knowledge.

This website, facialbeauty.org, is dedicated to disseminating concepts based on Dr. Jefferson’s findings on the cause and treatment of facial and dental abnormalities. Dr. Jefferson firmly believes in the concept of Divine Proportion.

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Dr. Yosh Jefferson
737 Holly Lane, Suite 1
Westampton Township, NJ 08060 USA