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Why are most faces not beautiful?
Is it because of genetics or environment?

Although there may be some genetic cause for facial disharmonies, Dr. Jefferson feels that environmental factor is the major cause of facial disharmonies or abnormalities.

Two major source of information on this topic comes from:

1. Price WA. Nutrition and physical degeneration. Ed.6. New Canaan, Ct: Keats Publishing Inc.; 1997.

2. Pottenger FM Jr. Pottenger’s Cats: A study in nutrition. Ed. Lemon Grove, CA: Price- Pottenger Nutrition Foundation; 1995.

These books can be obtained through the Price-Pottenger Foundation, Inc. 1-800-366-3748


EUROPE: Children to the left natural diet; Children to the right modern diet.
AMERICAN INDIANS: Those to the left natural diet;
those to the right modern diet.

AFRICA: those to the left natural diet; those to the right modern diet.

Pottenger studied cats raised in 3 different diets.

1. Natural foods
2. Mostly processed foods
3. Mostly processed milk

He found cats fed natural diet were the healthiest. Cats fed mostly processed foods were unhealthy. Cats fed mostly processed milk were the unhealthiest.


X-rays of 3 months-old infants showing differences in bone density:

A. Healthy infant breast fed by healthy mother fed on natural diet.
B. Caesarian infant born of hypothyroid mother, fed raw cow’s milk formula.
C. Deficient infant from deficient mother, fed cooked milk formula.



What common food found in modern society may be the cause of problems seen by Dr. Weston Price?

It may be refined white sugar and refined white flour.

Studies show that soft drinks which contain high percentage of sugar can weaken bones. Refined white flour which is carbohydrate when digested converts to glucose in the body. Glucose is sugar.


Studies show the harmful effects of refined white sugar and white flour:

Molteni R et al. A high-fat, refined sugar diet reduces hipocampal brain-derived neurotrophic factor, neuronal plasticity, and learning. Neuroscience 2002; 112: 803-814.

Story JA. Dietary carbohydrates and atheroscleroses. Fed Proc 1982; 41: 2797-2800. Grimes DS. Refined carbohydrate, smooth-muscle spasm, and disease of the colon. Lancet 1976; 1: 395-397.

Franceschi S et al. Low-risk diet for breast cancer in Italy. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 1997: 6:875-879.

Pottenger has shown that bottle feeding with processed milk may be harmful to infants .There are other major concerns with bottle feeding.

The shape and texture of latex nipple is vastly different than natural breast nipple.

Infants suckling on unnatural latex nipple develop unnatural swallowing patterns and possible tongue thrust which can cause abnormal facial and dental growth and development.

Introducing foreign protein i.e. cow’s milk in young infants with immature immune system can cause allergies. Bottle fed babies tend to develop more allergies than breast fed babies! More tend to be mouth breathers.

Reference: Takemura Y et al. Relationship between breast- feeding and the prevalence of asthma: The Tokorozawa childhood asthma and pollinosis study. Am J Epidemiol 2001; 154: 115-119.

Children with allergies tend to be mouth breathers and tend to develop swollen tonsils and adenoids.
Left picture: Mouth breathers tend to have swollen tonsils and/or adenoids which can cause major blockages in the airways which can have an adverse effect on normal facial growth.

Right picture: Same patient with tonsils and adenoids surgically removed. Child experienced almost immediate improvement in breathing after healing.

Adverse Effects of Mouth Breathing

There are various types of facial and dental abnormalities caused by mouth breathing:

1. Long and/or narrow faces and narrow mouths with crowding of teeth.

2. Small, weak looking chin or

3. Small collapsed upper lip and teeth which closes behind the lower lip and teeth instead of in front.

Beautiful girl at age 6 (left) who was a severe mouth breather which was untreated. At age 9 (right) shows the abnormal facial and dental development.
Images courtesy of Dr. John Mew, Orthodontist
Same patient treated with functional appliance therapy by Dr. John Mew, Orthodontist.

Other benefits of treating mouth breathers:

Dr. Gozal found that improved breathing by surgically removing swollen tonsils and adenoids improved academic performance.

Reference: Gozal D. Sleep-disorientated breathing and school performance in children. Pediatrics 1998; 102 (3 pt 1): 616-620.

The association of mouth breathing to abnormal facial development was discussed as early as 1906.

Reference: Pullen HA. Mouth-breathing. Dental Cosmos 1906; 48: 98-104.

In treating facial and dental disharmonies and abnormalities, Dr. Jefferson believes that children should be screened for orthodontic problems no later than age 7, especially in children with moderate to severe mouth breathing problems.

Reference: American Association of Orthodontists. Facts about orthodontic treatment for growing children. Website:http://www.braces.org/braces/about/faq/faq_concerns.cfm

Orthodontics is the treatment of teeth.

Functional orthodontics is the treatment Of facial-skeletal problems.

Total and ideal treatment usually entails treatment of facial-skeletal problems and teeth. Often functional orthodontics is best done in a growing face in a young child. Adults can also benefit from functional orthodontics. However, in severe facial-skeletal abnormalities, orthognathic surgery may be indicated.

Dr. Jefferson’s treatment philosophy is to harmonize the face in the direction of Divine Proportion with functional appliance therapy.

Dr. Jefferson uses a unique cephalometric analysis to help assess facial-skeletal problems and to treat towards Divine Proportion.
Joint Vibration Analysis
Dr. Jefferson uses state-of-the-art equipments and instrumentations for greater accuracy in the diagnosis of facial-skeletal disharmonies and temporomandibular disorder.
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